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Solar Water Heating System

  • Solar water heating systems for domestic commercial/industrial applications

  • Solar desalination systems

  • Solar swimming pool water heating systems

  • Preheating for boiler as preheated water

  • Industrial heating for maintaining water temperatures

Solar Photovoltaic Systems

  • Solar photovoltaic home lighting systems

  • Solar photovoltaic street lighting systems

  • Solar photovoltaic smart lighting solutions

  • Solar roof top systems

  • Solar tree

Solar System

Water Treatment

  • Design of entire scheme with source identification, treatment, storage's, pumping, and distribution

  • Water treatment plants with units for



           DM plant

           RO plant

  • Unconventional type water treatment plants

  • Conventional type water treatment plants

  • Modifications to existing units

  • Automatic water level controllers / indicators

  • Hydro-pneumatic systems for various applications

  • Operation and maintenance of schemes on annual contract basis

Waste Water Treatment

  • Underground sewerage system, design, sewerage,network, sumps, pumping, treatment and recycling.

  • Sewage treatment and disposal plants.

  • Fully underground sewage treatment plant.

  • Above ground sewage treatment plant.

  • Partly above partly below ground sewage treatment plant.   

  • Industrial effluent,treatment and disposal.

  • Reuse and recycling for gardening/ flushing purposes.

  • Energy recovery systems.

  • Revival of sewage/effluent treatment plants

HDPE Piping For Water And

Waste Water Conveyance

  • HDPE piping for fresh / drinking water

  • HDPE piping for industrial waste waters

MEP Consultants

  • Plumbing consultancy for residential/commercial buildings

  • Sewerage system, surveys, hydraulic designs, preparation of plans, L section, BOQ and cost estimates.

  • Sewage Treatment and recycling of treated wastewater

  • Storm water surveys, hydraulic designs, preparation of plans, L section, BOQ and cost estimates.

  • Rain water Harvesting

  • Solid waste handling and disposal

  • Electrical instillations including HT and LT distribution

  • Transformers and DG sets.

  • Common area lighting

  • Solar water heating systems for individual / society.

  • Solar lighting system for common / individual use.

Business Consulting
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