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Akshay Urja Pvt Ltd

Whatsapp -+91 98225058503

Akshay Urja Pvt Ltd 

We are Pune based company working in solar products and solar projects. We sale solar products like - Solar Candles, Solar Samai, Solar Niranjan. We also work on different projects like solar Water Heating System, Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Water Treatment.

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Solar Candles- 1500/-

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Solar Powered


Fire Free


USB Panel


Easy to Charge



Shipping Policy

Once the order is placed, the package is dispatched within 2 days. The delivery timeline for each and every package is of 3-7 days. Please contact us on in case of any delivery dispute.

Payment Policy

All order will be prepaid using UPI Payment

(G-Pay, Phone-pay)

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